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Best of Vail — Offseason Deal: Nozawa Sushi

Best Offseason Deal: Nozawa Sushi

  1. Nozawa Sushi
  2. Juniper Restaurant
  3. Local Revival

Menus look a lot different when they are half off, or even 30 percent off.

For most of the summer, Nozawa offers 30 percent off entrees and sushi rolls, with 20 percent off drinks at the bar. For the heavy offseason, the restaurant — which serves Japanese entrees plus some Thai and Chinese dishes — offers 50 percent off entrees and sushi rolls and 20 percent of wine, beer and sake.

“We have more familiar faces that we’ll see and people that live year-round,” said Joe Tracy, a lively bar manager. “We see people that we’ve seen for years come around, and it’s nice to see people around that you see in other restaurants.”

With the offseason accolades, Nozawa is a happening place during the winter season, as well, adding NFL Network and specials for football nights, as well as hibachi-style grills.

— Ross Leonhart

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