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Seafood: Montauk Seafood Grill

Best Seafood: Montauk Seafood Grill

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For more than three decades, Montauk Seafood Grill has been known as a place “where the ocean meets the mountains.” Their tagline speaks to the wonderful and fresh seafood they source from around the world and bring to Vail, to the delight of their many fans.

The landmark restaurant in Lionshead got a facelift when its new owner, Cameron Douglas, came in a year ago and streamlined the menu and invigorated the space.

“The changes have been well received. We still strive to get the best seafood from our great purveyor, Seattle Fish Co. We order smaller amounts of inventory to keep things fresh,” Douglas said.

Executive chef Dimitri Souvorin came back to Montauk with the new ownership.

“Chef Dimitri does a great job with the various seafood we get in. He knows Vail has an international clientele and wants to supply something that makes people feel comfortable,” Douglas said.

Even though it’s been fun to change things up, one thing that hasn’t changed is their signature dish.

“We’ve kept the Hawaiian ahi seared rare on the menu,” Douglas said. “We couldn’t mess with that.”


— Tricia Swenson

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