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Best of Vail — Ski Run (Vail): Northwoods

Bennett Levine of West Vail gets cold smoke for Northwoods opening on Friday in Vail. Northwoods and Game Creek Bowl opened today.
Chris Dillmann | cdillmann@vaild

1. Northwoods
2. Yonder
3. Ghenghis Khan

Northwoods, by any other name, would ski just as well, but the name does inspire awe. While it’s not particularly northern, or woodsy, the Northwoods run on Vail Mountain has long been a favorite for its turns, terrain variations and changes in pitch.

There are places along the run where you can duck in and out of glades to find banked turns and jumps, so there’s something for everyone.

The aspect of the run seems to work well with the swirling winds that sometimes accompany weather events in Vail, so the Northwoods area can receive more snow from a storm than other parts of the mountain.

But it doesn’t need a lot of snow to set up well. It’s a run that’s well taken care of, frequently groomed, so it’s fun to ski on just about any day of the year.

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