Sports Bar: Bob’s Place

Best Sports Bar: Bob’s Place

  1. Bob’s Place
  2. Garfinkel’s
  3. Vail Ale House

Just try to look anywhere and not see sports on television while you’re in Bob’s Place. We dare you.

With 29 screens throughout the restaurant, there’s something for every discerning sports fan. Bob’s Place has DirecTV and all the assorted sports packages associated with it — NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, as well as college sports. If there’s a game out there, Bob’s Place has got it.

Watching sports makes for thirsty work, so Bob’s Place has 16 different beers on tap, from the stalwarts to microbrews, as well as a full bar and cocktail menu and daily drink and beer specials.

Need to eat? Not a problem. Bob’s Place has a full menu of appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, Mexican food and traditional entrees. And, if for some reason you need a break from the game(s), Bob’s Place has pool, Foosball and darts.

And that’s all why our readers voted Bob’s Place best sports bar.


— Chris Freud

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