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Takeout: Rocky Mountain Taco

Katie Coakley

Best Takeout: Rocky Mountain Taco

  1. Rocky Mountain Taco
  2. Henry’s Chinese Cafe
  3. Moe’s Original Bar B Que

For those who are on the run, there are (thankfully) several options for on-the-go meals here in the Vail Valley. For those who are looking for a speedy experience, a visit to the Rocky Mountain Taco truck is in order. Utilizing fresh ingredients with every order made-to-order, it’s not uncommon for the enjoyment of your piping hot tacos, burritos, quesadilla or tortas to start within five minutes.

But finding good takeout is not just about speed. There’s also the quality at Rocky Mountain Taco. Combining traditional Mexican food with a southern California twist, the five different flavor options are carefully crafted for maximum flavor — and that’s even before you make your choice of fresh, homemade sauces. Add in the reasonable price for your to-go order, and Rocky Mountain Taco is an excellent option for exceptional takeout.

— Katie Coakley

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