Best of Vail — Women’s Clothing Store: Wild Heart |

Best of Vail — Women’s Clothing Store: Wild Heart

Heather Hower

Best Women’s Clothing Store: Wild Heart

  1. Wild Heart
  2. Valleygirl Boutique
  3. Formation Boutique

There’s a newish store in Edwards that will help fill your closet with cute, fashionable must-haves: rompers, dresses, shirts, skinny jeans, wide-legged pants, jewelry, totes, hats … if you need it, Wild Heart has it!

Opened in March 2017 by Kiersten Stoveken, the store has quickly garnered a loyal following from those who want an updated piece or entirely new outfit.

“My focus was to bring cute, trendy, yet affordable, high-quality women’s clothing and accessories to the Vail Valley,” Stoveken said.

No two weeks at Wild Heart are the same, as new inventory pours in weekly, and Stoveken generally orders just a few pieces of each. In other words, if you see something that makes your style meter soar, grab it

“When shopping at Wild Heart, we strive to create a fun atmosphere where locals and tourists alike can find unique and trendy pieces without breaking the bank,” Stoveken said.

— Heather Hower