Best Dispensary Product Selection — Best of Vail Valley 2019 |

Best Dispensary Product Selection — Best of Vail Valley 2019

1. High Country Healing

2. Rocky Road Remedies Vail — Cannabis Dispensary

3. Sweet Leaf Pioneer Recreational & Medical Dispensary

Recreational cannabis has expanded into a business with more choices than a buffet at a Las Vegas casino. But some buffets are better than others.

Vail Daily readers have again voted the dispensary selection at High Country Healing as the best in the Vail Valley.

Store manager Louis Mager said High Country Healing grows much of its inventory on site. That operation is visible to customers, something Mager said is a big attraction.

High Country Healing prides itself on growing without chemicals. Mager said all the products the dispensary buys from vendors has to meet the same standards.

That includes cannabis-infused hot sauce and barbecue sauce, and edibles including ice cream sandwiches.

Mager added that High Country Healing also has an “extensively large” selection of concentrates.

Then there’s the broad array of smokeables, including sueno, which was recently named Colorado’s strain of the year.

-Scott N. Miller

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