Best Event/Festival Food ­­— Best of Vail Valley 2019 |

Best Event/Festival Food ­­— Best of Vail Valley 2019

best festival/event foot Photo By Rachael Zimmerman
Rachael Zimmerman | Special to the Daily

1. Rocky Mountain Taco

2. Bonfire Block Party

3: Vail Farmers’ Market

We’re all familiar with fair and concert food. Rocky Mountain Taco literally brings something different to the party. That’s why Vail Daily readers this year again voted the “World’s Most Best Tacos” as the Vail Valley’s favorite festival food.

Rocky Mountain Taco co-owner Dan Purtell said the addition of a third truck has helped the business branch out to events including the Vail Farmers Market and the Bonfire Block Party in Eagle. Purtell said the third truck also helps bring tacos to weddings and other celebrations.

“It allows us to do three things at once if we have the manpower,” Purtell said.

The third truck means Rocky Mountain can also keep one truck at the valley’s best location, in EagleVail between Vail Brewing Company and the Native Roots dispensary.

That means you can get tacos and burritos at your favorite event, and stop for a snack on your way home.

-Scott N. Miller

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