Best Kids’ Clothing Store — Best of Vail Valley 2019 |

Best Kids’ Clothing Store — Best of Vail Valley 2019

1. KidSport/Vail Toys

2. Skipper & Scout

3. Wishes Toy Store

KidSport has become a fixture in Vail Village. The store, just across the street from Solaris Plaza, has been in business since 1978. People who were kids when they got their first ski wear or T-shirt are now bringing their own children to the store.

“You can’t really find anything we carry elsewhere,” store manager Amanda Pesce said. “We try to be that unique store.”

Pesce said that with limited options around the valley, KidSport’s buyers work hard to find high-quality items.

And, like most boutique stores in an internet age, the people who work at KidSport have to provide great, knowledgeable service to parents and kids.

“Families that come in tell us ‘You helped us with what we need,’” Pesce said.

There’s no such thing as service that’s too good, but Pesce said some families ask store employees if they’re available for after-hours baby-sitting.

Pesce politely declines: “I’m (at the store) all the time,” she said.

-Scott N. Miller

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