Best Local Winter Festival — Best of Vail Valley 2019 |

Best Local Winter Festival — Best of Vail Valley 2019

1. Burton US Open

2. Powabunga

2. Vail Snow Daze

The Burton US Open has become Vail’s favorite winter event with its highly visible, easily accessible venue and five-day format which keeps fans invested throughout the week.

It’s also quite a party.

The event builds on itself throughout the festival — you get a taste of what to expect in the Friday-Saturday finals by watching the semifinals on Wednesday and Thursday. And you get to watch an athlete or two in the semifinals who competed in the junior jam on Tuesday.

There are 32 men and 16 women competing in each discipline in the semifinals with one day dedicated to halfpipe and one day dedicated to slopestyle. With all the legends of the sport who show up and, sometimes, poach the halfpipe, that’s more than 100 pro snowboarders in one place at one time.

The park crew gets Golden Peak in great shape and the athletes love taking park runs between laps. Take a ride up Chair 6 any time throughout the week and you’ll probably catch quite a show.

-John LaConte

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