Best of Vail: Best Asian Food |

Best of Vail: Best Asian Food

Seafood dishes are one of Henry’s Chinese Cafe specialities. (Photo by Rachael Zimmerman)

1. Henry’s Chinese Cafe

2. Matsuhisa

3. Nozawa

There’s this woman, Siena, from Leadville who drives down to Henry’s Chinese Café in Edwards, because it’s that good. They tend to eat in the dining room, because it’s too far back to Leadville for takeout and because the wait staff is attentive and pretty entertaining.

The owner, Grace Gao, tends to stroll around the dining room, seeing to customers and making suggestions. You want that advice. Sure, you probably know your own mind and what you want, but if you could get advice from the owner of the valley’s best Chinese restaurant, you should take it.

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