Best of Vail: Best Barbecue |

Best of Vail: Best Barbecue

The cooking process for Moe’s pulled pork takes 16 hours. The wings are marinated, smoked and flash fried. (Photo by Rachael Zimmerman)

1. Moe’s Original Bar B Que

2. Kirby Cosmo’s BBQ Bar

3. Yellowbelly

Once you’re close to Moe’s Original Bar B Que, in Vail or Eagle, you’ll smell the appeal before walking in the door. There’s usually something delicious in the wood smokers, and there’s always something delicious on the side-dish menu. Like the meat, the sides are made fresh and on site every day. And, like the meat, those sides are for sale until they’re gone for the day. Jeff Althage at the Eagle Moe’s location said football Saturdays will quickly exhaust the day’s supply of smoked wings.

But that’s part of the charm. Friendly folks and an open kitchen are part of the charm, too.

“We want to make people feel comfortable — like having dinner at your best friend’s house,” Althage said. And everyone does a little bit of everything. “People serving at lunch have been cooking all morning. … All the people who work here know how to cook.”

While you’re likely to meet friends on both sides of the counter during a visit to Moe’s, you’re likely to see some fresh faces, too. After starting with a food truck in Edwards and Eagle-Vail, Moe’s has expanded to about 60 franchised locations. Everyone who starts a franchise works for six months at the Vail and Eagle locations to learn the business at the smoker, the register and with the people.

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