Best of Vail: Best Beer Selection (Liquor Store) |

Best of Vail: Best Beer Selection (Liquor Store)

Boone’s offers more than 400 beers and 1,400 wines.

1. Boone’s Wine and Spirits

2. West Vail Liquor Mart

3. Beaver Liquors

The oldest adage in the real estate business is “location, location, location.” Putting the valley’s biggest liquor store a stone’s throw away from the lower valley’s biggest supermarket has worked well for Boone’s Wine and Spirits.

But location wouldn’t count for much if the store didn’t provide what customers want. And just about any buyer of adult beverages — especially craft beer — will find something to like at Boone’s

Buyer Donyelle Dewey said Boone’s now has more than 400 beers and 1,400 wines in stock. And, if the buyers can get it, Boone’s will bring in a customer’s special request.

This selection also comes at prices that won’t give your wallet a hangover.

“Being bigger, we can buy more and pass on the lower prices,” Dewey said. Being bigger also allows Boone’s to have some fun.

“We’re always tasting things (in the store),” Dewey said. “It’s a great, noncommittal way to try something different.”

Besides adult beverages, Boones also has a growing inventory of gadgets, gizmos and other stuff you didn’t know you needed until you’ve seen it.

“It’s worth the drive for some of the upvalley crowd,” Dewey said. “With the holidays coming up, you need to get here.”

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