Best of Vail: Best Deli |

Best of Vail: Best Deli

The Palace Malice sandwich is the newest creation at the Belmont Deli in Edwards. (Photo by Rachael Zimmerman)

1. Belmont Deli

2. Avon Bakery & Deli

3. Red Canyon Cafe

Mike Rindone said he owes it all to his father, Phil Rindone. Phil passed away after enjoying 88 years on this earth, 62 years of those with Mike’s mother. Mike grew up with tales of legendary racehorses such as Sea Biscuit and Man of War. They gathered around their black and white TV to watch horse racing’s Triple Crown, Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont.

“My favorite was always the Belmont. It was the longest and most enduring race,” Mike said.

Winning the Triple Crown’s longest race at a mile and a half meant that the winner had to be the best horse in the world. Phil would also talk with Mike’s grandfather and Uncle Joe about the great New York delis they had enjoyed and the unique and authentic products only they deliver. It made an impression on young Mike. His Belmont Deli in Edwards Village, features their sandwich, “Phil’s in Front,” named for Mike’s dad.

“Here at Belmont Deli, we are committed to giving our valley the type of food that we grew up on and enjoyed from all the places that call home,” Mike said.

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