Best of Vail: Best Italian Food |

Best of Vail: Best Italian Food

At Ristorante Ti Amo, the flavors of Italy come alive on an eclectic menu.

1. Ristorante Ti Amo

2. Campo de Fiori

3. Zino Ristorante

It’s not much of a surprise that one of the longest-lasting Italian restaurants in the Vail Valley was voted as having the Best Italian Food. After just one bite of a homemade zuppa or antipasti, gnocchi or veal scaloppini, it’s clear that the staff at Ti Amo knows Italian food and how to prepare it so it melds in your mouth — a perfect symphony of fresh flavors.

Chef Fernando Ocampo has been the head chef at Ti Amo for more than two decades and combines his passion for cooking with knowledge and the freshest ingredients for a meal that creates sighs of pleasure. Ocampo is not the only one who has been at Ti Amo for years — most of the staff has longevity, which only adds to the consistency and quality of both food and atmosphere.

The most difficult part about sampling the best meal on the menu is the sheer volume, and quality, of options. Sit back, peruse the menu and take your time; after all, you’re in a little slice of Italy.

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