Best Jewelry Store |

Best Jewelry Store

Heather Hower | For the Vail Daily

The fall collection at the Golden Bear showcases turquoise and silver. (Photo by Rachael Zimmerman)

1. The Golden Bear

2. Kimberley’s Fine Jewelry

3. Squash Blossom

The Golden Bear is a sparkling piece of jewelry that is at once revered, a symbol of the Vail Valley, a tradition — and always coveted. It’s often on the “Best of” list simply because of the understated beauty of the pieces found in the iconic store on Gore Creek Drive in Vail.

Acquiring a Golden Bear, whether it’s a sterling silver Baby Bear or glittering, pave-diamond encrusted Papa Bear, is an exciting day. With many of The Golden Bear’s long-time clients, it has become a family tradition to both give and receive. (Which is better, to give or to receive is the age old question; in this case the answer is to receive.)

Over the years, The Golden Bear jewelers have created playful iterations of the Bear, from dangly drop earrings to copper mugs, but the most popular and treasured remains the classic, traditional bear. After all, The Golden Bear will never grow old or go out of style.

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