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Best of Vail: Best Local Artist

Jesse Horton

1. Jesse Horton

2. Jim Cotter Gallery

3. Britten

3. Carrie Fell

The son of renowned bronze sculptor Walt Horton, Jesse Horton grew up rubbing shoulders with lots of famous, well-known bronze artists. But while sculpture might be his true love, it wasn’t his first. Jesse has been a submarine pilot and a free diver, a photographer and a videographer. Eventually, though, he found his way to sculpture and, in that, his life’s true calling.

Jesse’s work reflects his upbringing in the art world as much as it does the experiences and adventures he’s collected from his travels around the globe. His work, which can be seen on display locally in his family’s Beaver Creek gallery, Horton Fine Art, always tells a story and often creates a connection between the observer and a place far away.

It’s not all serious, though; like his father’s work, Jesse’s sculptures are known for their whimsical nature and for their ability to make people smile. His fondness for wild creatures translates into sculptures that have personality. The bear in a sculpture, for example, has character. It has a curious expression on its face and looks like it could stand up and run off to chase butterflies.

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