Best of Vail: Best Margarita |

Best of Vail: Best Margarita

Brent Boyer | Vail Daily

Agave’s house margarita is both sweet and sour with a touch of salt. (Photo by Rachael Zimmerman)

1. Agave

2. The Minturn Saloon

3. Maya Modern Mexican & Tequileria

When it comes to making a great margarita, it’s all about fresh ingredients and quality tequila. That’s been the approach at Agave in Avon, which for the past 15 years has been serving a selection of margaritas to appeal to every taste bud. The most popular is the Margarita Tradicional, a mix of Sotol Plata, Cointreau and fresh lime juice, shaken and served over ice. But that’s just the beginning, said manager RJ Andrade.

Those looking for something unique can try the Prickly Pear, named after the fruit of a paddle cactus. Fresh prickly pear fruit is pureed and then infused with Republic Tequila, triple sec, sour mix and fresh lime.

If you’re looking for the ultimate margarita, go for the Truly Top Shelf — Casa Noble anejo tequila and Cointreau topped with a blend of sour mix, fresh lime and orange juices and topped with a float of Grand Marnier 150 Year. It’ll set you back almost $25, but life is too short to drink bad liquor, right?

What you won’t find at Agave, Andrade said, is syrupy, sugary, overly sweet margaritas that rely on pre-bottled sour mix and overpower the taste of the tequila or agave. We can all toast to that.

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