Best of Vail: Best Seafood |

Best of Vail: Best Seafood

Sushi is just one of the dozens of seafood preparations offered at Hooked.

1. Hooked

2. Matsuhisa

3. Yama Sushi

The restaurant name is a dead giveaway to what it is all about.

“Our concept here is we are not a sushi restaurant, we are a fresh-fish house,” said Hooked manager Evan Biner. “Our claim to fame is we fly in fresh fish every day.”

Dining at Hooked is a culinary adventure. After they are seated, diners are greeted by the restaurant fishmonger, who presents the various options for the day. The tablemates then select their fish and a variety of preparation options. Biner noted a single fish could yield 20 preparations. While sushi is an option at Hooked, the restaurant offers dozens of raw and cooked preparations to choose from.

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