Best of Vail: Best Worker’s Lunch |

Best of Vail: Best Worker’s Lunch

Worker’s around the valley enjoy Rocky Mountain Taco for lunch because it’s fast and fresh. (Photo by Rachael Zimmerman)

1. Rocky Mountain Taco

2. City Market

3. YellowBelly

When you’re on the daily grind, you need a lunch that won’t defeat the purpose of working. Inexpensive and dependable, the Rocky Mountain Taco truck is just that. Suits, stiffs and service stewards alike have all made it a weekly staple, and owners Chris McGinnis, Jose Reza and Dan Purtell look forward to their regular visits.

“We’re on a first-name basis with lots of valley workers since they come by so often,” Purtell said. “Any local on a quick break knows they can get a grab and go with no problemo.”

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