Best of Vail: Marijuana Dispensary |

Best of Vail: Marijuana Dispensary

Brent Boyer | Vail Daily

It’s PYOB — pick your own buds — at High Country Healing in Eagle-Vail.

1. High Country Healing

2. Native Roots

3. Rocky Road Remedies

It’s clear there’s something different about High Country Healing from the moment you walk in the door. There, to the left of the check-in desk, are floor-to-ceiling windows revealing perfectly manicured, almost-ready-to-harvest plants, labeled by strain and begging to be gawked at. And, yes, pictures are encouraged.

“It’s a rare sight to see, even for Colorado residents,” said Colby Hockersmith, general manager of High Country Healing’s Eagle-Vail location. His dispensary is one of only four in the state with an on-site grow operation. High Country Healing has plenty of competition along Eagle-Vail’s “Green Mile,” so it seeks to differentiate itself with quality products, top-notch customer service and price points for every budget.

As to quality, all of High Country Healing’s flower comes from organic, soil-grown plants. And it’s PYOB — pick your own bud — meaning customers get to select the specific flower they want to take home. A broad selection of concentrates — think live resin, wax, shatter and more — edibles and topicals round out the extensive selection.

Add to the experience a team of highly trained employees committed to educating their customers and ensuring they find the right product for their desired experience, and it’s little wonder High Country Healing was chosen as the Best of Vail.

“We take a lot of pride in our work,” Hockersmith said. “We’re going to give you the same experience we’d want from a retailer.”

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