Best Patio — Best of Vail Valley 2019 |

Best Patio — Best of Vail Valley 2019

Even if you can't engage with your favorite businesses in person, you can still interact with them online.
Ross Leonhart |

1. Vail Brewing Co. / Rocky Mountain Taco

2. Drunken Goat

3. Bonfire Brewing

There are few things better than ending a busy day with a cold beer and a fresh taco. At the patio outdoor seating between Vail Brewing Co. and Rocky Mountain Taco in EagleVail, you get both at the same time. Chances are if you stop by the patio in the evening you’ll see coworkers and friends hanging out over Hot Mess Blondes and White Chick tacos, either fresh off a mountain hike or straight out of the office for post-work Happy Hour. As the sun sets, the patio is coated in golden sunlight, a great setting for enjoying loved ones’ company or just flying solo.

-Casey Russell

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