Best Snowshoe Trail — Best of Vail Valley 2019 |

Best Snowshoe Trail — Best of Vail Valley 2019

1. Meadow Mountain

2. McCoy Park

3. Beaver Creek Strawberry Park

Meadow Mountain has long been a popular spot for winter recreationists.

“Not only is it very accessible, but uniquely remote feeling once you get beyond the first bend in the trail,” said Minturn Mayor John Widerman. “If you have the time and stamina to make it to the top, you will be rewarded by amazing panorama views of the Gore Range and a spectacular vantage of Battle Mountain and the seemingly sleepy town of Minturn.”

You can even shelter in the classic “line shack” — an old sheepherder cabin that has survived the generations.

“The history of the area also makes it worth the visit,” Widerman added. “Formerly the area was used for growing ‘Evercrisp’ lettuce back in the 1920s (now the name of the new summer hiking and biking trail), and from 1964-1971 was a small downhill ski area.”

-Kim Fuller

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