Best View — Best of Vail Valley 2019 |

Best View — Best of Vail Valley 2019

1. Top of Vail Mountain

2. Gore Range

3. Eagle’s Nest

Three-hundred-sixty degree views of the Rocky Mountains is even more awe-inspiring than imaginable. Add in bursting blue sky and fields of flowers or acres of deep powder and there’s no doubt the top of Vail Mountain is the best place to take in the views. At the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola in Lionshead, wander over to the deck, where you can pose in front of the 14,000-foot Mount of the Holy Cross. Turn slightly left for a full view of the majestically rugged Gore Range. Take a deep breath (air is thin at 11,250, the altitude of the summit of Vail) and capture the beauty all around.

-Heather Hower

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