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‘Bite the Bullet’ DJ: I will miss Radio Free Minturn

Laura Lieff and Dan "The Wrench" Rolfe co-hosted "Bite the Bullet" every Wednesday on Radio Free Minturn. The station is changing hands, ending the show.
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Change is hard — especially when it’s not your decision.

After four years of playing music on 107.9 KLNX-LP Radio Free Minturn, my tenure as co-host of “Bite the Bullet” has come to an end. Exactly one week after celebrating the fourth anniversary of our radio show, my co-host Dan “The Wrench” Rolfe and I, along with the rest of the loyal Radio Free Minturn DJs, received a short email from the head of the station that included the fact that he is “currently in negotiations to transfer the frequency to another entity.” All of a sudden our show was over.

Every Wednesday from 5 to 7 p.m., Dan and I met at the studio in Minturn to play music and talk about what was going on in Eagle County. Being able to play our favorite songs by our favorite artists and bands was amazing. We had three rules for “Bite the Bullet.”

No jam bands.

No Rush.

No Stairway.

And we adhered to those rules for all four years.

We brought our dogs, Reed and Sedona, and enjoyed having our voices echo through radio speakers that were tuned to 107.9, through the Radio Free Minturn website or through the TuneIn Radio app. The latter two options allowed people from all over the world to listen to our show — and they did. Although most of our listeners were in the United States (we had loyal fans in New York City, Dallas, Miami, San Diego, Denver, St. Louis, Morgantown, West Virginia, Las Vegas, Mint Hill, North Carolina and Phoenix, among other places), two of Dan’s buddies in Auckland, New Zealand also tuned in on a regular basis — except for them the show was on Thursdays.

We had so many memorable moments throughout our time on the air, but before I get into that I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to the town of Minturn for allowing us to be on the radio every week for four years. Choosing our own music, reading PSAs, talking about local events and watching musicians sing and play their instruments live was an absolute privilege. Thank you to all of our guests who visited the show from a wide array of places including Miami, San Francisco, Denver, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Billings, Montana, Charlotte, North Carolina and Auckland, New Zealand, among other cities. We so appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

Most importantly, we’d like to thank our local guests and listeners who have been there for us since Day 1. A big thank you to former DJs Jena Skinner and Chuck Kraft for being there for both training and moral support through the first few shows. Thank you to the Beaver Creek snow cat crew and the Ride Taxi crew for tuning in on Wednesday nights. Thank you to friends and family everywhere for tuning in throughout the years. It has meant the world to us.

‘Bite the Bullet’ Top 10 Greatest Hits

Listeners from all over the country called in and asked for more Tom Petty songs during our tribute show following the singer’s shocking death in October.

We played mixes created by a few of the legendary Tenth Mountain Sound System DJs.

Beaver Creek snow cat drivers called to tell us they wanted to hear more Metallica while making our local mountain awesome.

San Francisco singer and guitarist Dave Mescon sang/rapped the song he wrote about traveling to Minturn. To ensure he was on time for his live radio debut, Mescon came to the studio, guitar in hand, straight off the Colorado Mountain Express shuttle.

We loved (and still love) seeing Eagle County locals wearing Bite the Bullet shirts. We also love when people send us photos of themselves wearing the shirts.

Local singer, guitarist and harmonica player Robby Peoples showed up to the studio with a harmonica for every day of the week — literally.

Our dogs howled along to several songs that featured howling — with Dan’s encouragement of course.

Both of our mothers visited the studio to participate in special Mother’s Day shows.

Seeing Bite the Bullet stickers on mugs in local bars such as Gore Range Brewery always put a smile on our faces.

Having Denver band Never Kenezzard in studio for a two-hour interview was exciting because they love music as much as we do.

While both Dan and I will miss “Bite the Bullet” immensely, as we know, nothing gold can stay. Thank you to my unparalleled co-host, friend and fellow Sept. 7 Virgo for being my radio partner for four unforgettable years.

Laura Lieff co-hosted “Bite the Bullet” every Wednesday on Radio Free Minturn for four years.

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