Bookworm of Edwards accepts submissions for first adult writing contest until July 17 |

Bookworm of Edwards accepts submissions for first adult writing contest until July 17

The Bookworm, under normal circumstances, serves as a place for readers to congregate. The writing contest hopes to foster that same sense of community.
Jackie Cooper | Special to the Daily

From providing a community space to encouraging discussions surrounding literature, the Bookworm of Edwards is always working to bring people together. 

During current times, as the store capacity is limited and conversations must be held six feet apart, the Bookworm is excited to announce a new way to connect. This year is the first time the Bookworm will host an adult creative contest. 

You may be familiar with the annual children’s writing contest, Ungoverned Children. Now, the Bookworm is soliciting submissions from the adult members of Eagle County. Submissions can be anything from prose, poetry and short stories to visual art of any kind. Submissions are due by July 17 and can be sent in through the Bookworm website

“We have such a wonderful and wide cacophony of voices in Eagle County,” said Nicole Magistro, owner of the Bookworm. “I want to make sure that everyone’s voice is represented in the book as much as possible. I also think it’s a really amazing opportunity to be published.”

The idea of this creative compilation was born out of recent chaos. In a time when the distance between people is mandated, Magistro and the Bookworm team came up with this project to help bridge the gap. 

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“I hope that the book provides people with something to unify around and something to be proud of and grow from as a community,” Magistro said. “I think we’ll find all kinds of perspective; hopefully that also will increase our connection and our understanding of each other and our community.”

Cookie Murphy-Pettee, a loyal Bookworm customer and local writer, was one of the first to submit. She said she was excited to do so, not just to get her work published, but also to connect with other creatives in the valley. 

“I’m hoping it’s going to help those of us who write find each other a little bit more,” she said. “It’s amazing to me, no matter where you live, there are people doing all kinds of creative activity. I think it’s a great opportunity to delve more into our community.”

Submissions will be selected by Bookworm staff, with each category judged by a team of experts in that field. Criteria include quality and creativity, but most importantly, judges at the Bookworm are looking for works that reflect the voices of the valley.

“I hope that this is a start in demonstrating that there’s a lot more diversity in this county than most people think,” Murphy-Pettee said. “So I’m hoping these pieces will begin to reflect that.”

This collaboration has the potential to bring people from all corners of the valley together while promoting self-expression and creativity. The staff at the Bookworm hopes that this opportunity empowers you to share your voice, and can’t wait to see what you create.

Submit online by July 17th for a chance to be published.

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