Bookworm of Edwards holds free virtual event with local author Katie Dolan |

Bookworm of Edwards holds free virtual event with local author Katie Dolan

Local author Katie Dolan wanted to write her books in a way that adults and kids could learn something.
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Living in Colorado comes with a responsibility to the native wildlife, Katie Dolan believes. In her newest book, “Bella the Wildlife Ambassador: Charles the Crowded Cougar,” Dolan addresses the importance and delicacies of human interaction with the natural world and its creatures.

Local author Dolan will present a night of wildlife and conservation, through the lens of her “Bella the Wildlife Ambassador” series. Great for the whole family, this virtual event is free and open to all.

An environmental journalist and writer by trade, Dolan has always been drawn to animals, big and small. Her book series, “Bella the Wildlife Ambassador,” was inspired by her own beloved Newfoundland Bella. Dolan characterized Bella as caring, sweet, and people-focused. Dog Bella is all of those things, but Dolan did candidly mention that fictional Bella is far more obedient than her real-life furry muse.  

The newest book in the series, which follows the story of “Charles the Crowded Cougar,” was inspired by the time when Dolan and Bella found an abandoned cougar cub in their backyard. From that point forward, Dolan dove into research. 

Dolan did all of this research in hopes that her book would not only entertain and educate young people, but also their parents. 

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“Grandparents read to their grandchildren; parents read to their kids,” Dolan said. “So my intent was to write a book that different generations can learn and take away from.” 

One of the lessons Dolan took away from her cougar research is adaptivity. She mentioned their ability to move from place to place, eat new foods, and survive centuries of being hunted by Americans and European settlers. 

“Cougars are eminently adaptable,” Dolan said. “I think that we can learn some important lessons on how to be adaptable ourselves because certainly with all of the unrest currently happening in the world, we all have to figure out how to adapt.” 

Katie Dolan and her writings are passionate about educating the people of Colorado, young and old, about native wildlife. She does so in a way that is both entertaining and understandable. This book is enjoyable for all ages and reading levels as the story is accompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations done by Judith Oksner. 

Not only is it creative and colorful, but “Bella the Wildlife Ambassador: Charles the Crowded Cougar,” is applicable and timely. Dolan expresses that, with an influx of people moving to Colorado, it is critical that people know how to properly coexist with nature. 

“There are more and more people coming to Colorado, and there are more and more people living in the wild areas of Colorado,” Dolan said. “They are more developments in the wild areas of Colorado. And all of that means we’ve got to figure out how to more intelligently and carefully live with the wildlife that inspired a lot of people to be in Colorado, to begin with.” 

If you go …

What: Author event with Katie Dolan

When: Wednesday, June 17, 5 p.m.

Where: Zoom and Facebook Live 

Cost: Free

More information: Call 970-926-7323 or visit

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