Can your pooch lead to a smooch? A new dating app thinks so. |

Can your pooch lead to a smooch? A new dating app thinks so.

The launch party for the new app will be hosted in Denver on June 27th

The Denver Post
The launch party for the new Dig app will be hosted in Denver on June 27th.

A new dating app is selling the notion that the best friend of a single man or single woman when it comes to finding a mate is man’s best friend.

Far-fetched or spot on?

But the makers of Dig, the dog person’s dating app, have already launched in several cities across the country and are bringing it to Denver in late June.

“Our overall goal with Dig is to provide an easy, fun way to connect dog lovers who are looking to find more love in their life of the two-legged variety,” said Casey Isaacson, co-founder of Dig, in a news release.

Here are some of the stats Dig uses to promote their concept: Fifty-five percent of single adults in the U.S. are pet owners. Putting Fido in your dating profile photo draws more attention, Dig says. In a survey of singles (Dig doesn’t doesn’t provide the source of the survey, but we’ll go along with it for now), men holding puppies were rated as 27 percent sexier than men not holding puppies. Those same men cuddling canines were considered 14 percent more trustworthy. And 70 percent of singles say their dates’ reaction to their pet is important.

Once two people express interest in each other on the app — the filter search even includes by dog size — Dig helps them find date ideas including dog-friendly locations near them.

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