Cannabis sales spike before the Super Bowl: here are 4 edible picks for the big game |

Cannabis sales spike before the Super Bowl: here are 4 edible picks for the big game

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Cannabis sales have spiked by 40% on Super Bowl eve, and many prefer it to drinking because they can avoid a Monday hangover.
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It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday, a hallmark date in the U.S. for a lot of reasons: TV ratings go through the roof, a big chunk of the population rolls into work on Monday with a hangover and weed sales spike hard the day before.

That’s right, according to a 2018 statistic from Green Bits, which runs sales systems for more than 350 dispensaries in six states, cannabis sales increased by 40% on Super Bowl Eve from 2017 to 2018.

Many consumers prefer getting high to getting drunk during the Super Bowl because they can avoid that dreaded hangover. That being said, here are four edible treats available at Vail Valley dispensaries for game day that represent the two teams vying for the title.

Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream from Blue Dream Ice Cream

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

It might not be quite as KC as ribs and brisket, but sweet and boozy bourbon should do the trick. This ice cream has all the great warming flavors of bourbon and vanilla, while also providing a high almost as sweet as the treat itself. Blue Dream Ice Cream also makes ice cream sandwiches.

Pick up a pint at Roots Rx in EagleVail, which also has the sandwiches and different ice cream flavors.

Caramel & Corn chocolate bar from Coda Signature

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Cuisine in Kansas City is all about homey, Americana-forward flavors, and what’s more American than caramel corn? I mean, “Take Me Out To the Ball Game,” one of the most American folk tunes ever, says “buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks.”

Popcorn itself has an extensive history, and some of the earliest evidence of popcorn consumption was found in New Mexico caves once inhabited by prehistoric cave dwellers.

Cracker Jacks can be traced to the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. When the creators of Cracker Jack sold it at first, it was a molasses-y snack, but when people complained about the stickiness, the inkling company created a coating that was crispy and dry. That formula remains a protected secret today.

The chocolate bar from Denver-based Coda Signature merges sweet and salty in one package.

Pick up Coda Signature products from Native Roots in EagleVail, Rocky Road in EagleVail, High Country Healing in EagleVail, Roots Rx in EagleVail and Edwards, and Tumbleweed in Edwards.

3:1 CBD/THC Stroopwafels from Dutch Girl

Team: San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco is a city that sets trends, and right now, stroopwafels are trendy in cafes across America – they’re even on sale in Starbucks.

Stroopwafels are thin cookies originating from the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. They are made by pouring a thin waffle batter into a press. Then, bakers add a filling, traditionally caramel, and add another thin layer of waffle batter to the press before closing it and baking the cookie. Traditionally, you place it like a lid over a cup of coffee, and the steam warms the caramel inside making a gooey and delicious treat.

These weed-infused stroopwafels have three-parts CBD, one-part THC to ensure a cozy and comforting high, complete with a baked good. They also come in three flavors: caramel, chocolate and strawberry.

Pick up these stroopwafels from Rocky Road in EagleVail and Roots RX in EagleVail and Edwards.

Restore Hemp Oil Infused Coffee from Strava Craft Coffee

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Speaking of cafes and coffee, San Francisco is also a big coffee city. With local roasters everywhere, getting a good cup of coffee in San Francisco is almost as easy as getting good Chinese food in the city’s famed Chinatown.

Perhaps you’re just really into coffee, or perhaps you’re tired by the time the Super Bowl starts and need something to pick you up. Strava Craft Coffee, based out of Denver, sells hemp-infused coffee beans. The Restore blend offers 120mg of CBD per 12 oz. whole bean bag. On its website, the brand also sells K-cups.

Pick up a bag from Native Roots in EagleVail – the product is popular, so perhaps call ahead to ensure it’s in stock.

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