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Celebrate Lov Connection trail, an homage to the late Nate Picklo, Nov. 11

A celebration of Eagle's new Lov Connection trail is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 11, at 11 a.m. on the Third Gulch side of the trail. The trail was named after Eagle resident Nate Picklo, founder of Lov Bikes, who passed away earlier this year.


WHAT: New trail celebration and ribbon cutting

WHERE: Lov Connection trail, Third Gulch side, a little less than a mile up the Third Gulch trail in Eagle

WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 11, 11 a.m.

If the trail turns out to be as great as its name, then we’re all in for something special.

The LOV Connection Trail is now available to hikers and bikers in the town of Eagle on open space, which was purchased in 2016 for $735,000. The town of Eagle and the Eagle Ranch group contributed $144,000 each, and Eagle County supplied the remaining $447,000.

The trail cost about $60,000 to build and was completed late this summer, but it was only recently named.

An homage to the late Nate Picklo, the LOV Connection celebrates Picklo’s company, Lov Bikes, a custom bike company based in Eagle. Picklo is remembered as an avid biker who came up with the name LOV as an acronym for “Love our valley.”

On Saturday, Nov. 11, the community is invited out to the trail to celebrate that fantastic name. The 3.5-mile trail connects the Third Gulch and Abrams Creek trails, contains three bridges, two 10-foot long structures and one 60-foot structure that was built to approximate U.S. Forest Service back country standards with the help of former Forest Service worker Jeff Thompson. It was one of Thompson’s final contributions to trails in Eagle County after enjoying a long career with the Forest Service.


Momentum Trail Concepts constructed the middle section of the trail, which came together quickly over the course of the summer. The final 50 to 100 yards on each side of the trail was completed recently through volunteer work.

“Once the bridge was put in, volunteer days were scheduled, and volunteers finished the trail,” said Jeremy Gross, Eagle’s Special Event Coordinator.

Gross is organizing the Saturday, Nov. 11, celebration.

“We’re inviting everyone to meet at the start of the trail, on the Third Gulch side, at 11 a.m.,” Gross said. “We’ll do a ribbon cutting, pass out some stickers, swag and fun things to just celebrate the trail, and then there will be a gathering at Yeti’s Grind following the event.

“I expect folks will want to ride the trail the long way, across Abrams and then down to Yeti’s,” Gross added. “So my guess is noon would be a good time to plan on meeting at Yeti’s.”

Yeti’s Grind, and the Yeti’s Grind bike team, is another one of Nate Picklo’s legacies. He built out the shop on Broadway with his own hands, and its success ended up forcing him out of his other trade in construction.

Gross expects Saturday’s event will be as much a celebration of Nate Picklo as the LOV Connection Trail.

“He had quite an impact on this community,” Gross said. “This trail will be a way to remember him.”

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