Children’s writing workshop coming to The Bookworm of Edwards |

Children’s writing workshop coming to The Bookworm of Edwards

Dusti Bowling will lead a children's writing workshop on Monday, Oct. 15 at 6 p.m. at the Bookworm of Edwards.
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Words heal, and they mean everything to Dusti Bowling, author of several award-winning novels. She read voraciously as a child, and now she uses those words as a key to unlock the inner lives of today’s children.

On Monday, Oct. 15, she’ll host a writing workshop at The Bookworm of Edwards for kids who want to learn the craft.

‘24 hours in nowhere’

The visit to the Bookworm is a stop on her tour promoting the newest book, “24 Hours in Nowhere,” set in Nowhere, Arizona.

The story follows four kids into an old mine as they try to retrieve gold to pay off the neighborhood bully. The adventure takes place over 24 hours as the kids battle dangerous obstacles in a “Goonies”-like adventure.

The book “24 Hours in Nowhere” tackles adult subjects while allowing Bowling’s young readers to become empathetic to different upbringings in life.

“I simply write about these issues in a way that I would want my own children to learn about them,” said Bowling. “I think middle grade readers respond well to humor, and so I rely on a lot of humor to try to interest my readers and teach them about these topics without them feeling like they’re learning as much as they are.”

Bowling’s books combine humor, excitement, adventure and inclusion for all ages to be swept away into her stories. The complicated lives of her characters reflect feelings that she herself had when reading at a young age.

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