Color in paddleboarders on a lake: Kids Corner for the week of 6/15/20

Editor’s note: The Vail Daily has started a weekly kids section full of games, toys and activities to keep the young and the young at heart entertained during quarantine. If you have an idea for the section or would like to get involved, email Entertainment Editor Casey Russell at

Game of the Week

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Who: Grades K-8 

Players: 5+ 

Time: 10 minutes+ 

Where: Outdoors or indoors 

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How to play:

  • Players form a circle standing 6 feet away from one another. 
  • The leader will select one person to start the game. The selected player will turn to the person on his or her left and say, “I am doing [insert verb].” For example, “I am brushing my teeth.” However, the player will act out a different action. For example, he or she will pretend to climb a ladder.  
  • The person on his or her left will then act out the action that was spoken aloud but say a different action. In this example, the player would pretend to brush his or her teeth but say something else, like, “I am walking a dog.” 
  • Players must make it around the circle without making a mistake. If someone does make a mistake, then the whole circle must do the action that was said and run in place for 10 seconds. 

The Game of the Week is submitted by Mountain Recreation. Visit for more information.

Time Travel

Learn about Eagle County’s history with tales from local ranches.

The Castle Peak Ranch still has many old shelters and dwellings from past ranchers on the property.
Raymond Bleesz | Special to the Daily

Located in the high country near Eagle, Castle Peak Ranch offers commanding views of the surrounding areas. The ranch looks into the Sawatch Range, with Elk Range, Mosquito Range and Ten Mile Range in the distance and visible from the highest points. The property is more than 11,000 acres, and that much space over altitude changes results in dramatic changes in seasons and weather.

1,500 head of sheep and 200 pairs of cattle graze from spring until fall before heading to western Colorado and Utah for the winter. The livestock share the land with lots of wildlife including elk, mule deer, black bear, beaver, turkey, dusky grouse, a few moose and the wily coyote. 

Remains of early homestead cabins, a schoolhouse and farming operations sit on the property and tell stories of early settlers in Eagle County who owned ranches in the area. Jessica Catto, a philanthropist from Woody Creek, purchased many of these ranches in the 1980s and 1990s as families moved or were foreclosed upon. Her property became the 11,000-acre ranch that we see today. 

The current owner remains steadfast in his conservation measures to ensure that the land follows best practices for cattle and sheep management while protecting it.

Time Travel is submitted by the Vail Valley Art Guild’s Ranch Project, which is chronicling local history through art. Learn more at

Word of the Week

Learn new words in English and Spanish each week.

sandbox / salvadera

Coloring page


This week’s coloring page is submitted by local illustrator Jasmine Valdez. Follow her on Instagram at @artgirl_studios.

Print the page here.

Learn how to make your own coloring pages here.

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