Cookbook author visitng the Bookworm of Edwards |

Cookbook author visitng the Bookworm of Edwards

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Brooks creted her own matrix for measuring the power and joy of a vegetable, and uses the 25 with the hightest scores in 100 different recipies.
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The plant-based diet revolution isn’t a fad. It’s a culinary style on which British chef Celia Brooks has based her life’s work.

Brooks is in town on Thursday, Sept. 20, at The Bookworm of Edwards for a culinary lecture and demonstration celebrating her newest cookbook, “SuperVeg.” Accessible to home cooks and professionals, the book teaches readers to experiment with more vegetables in their diet.

“SuperVeg” shares 100 recipes for the 25 healthiest vegetables on the planet. The vegetables were evaluated based on Brooks’ matrix of power and joy. Power is dependent on the high nutrient density or health-boosting nutrients in abundance and joy is the versatility, deliciousness and accessibility of each vegetable.

Brooks wants to challenge chefs to cook without a meat centerpiece — to learn how fun, creative and fulfilling it can be.

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