Coors released its first spirit, a whiskey — but is it any good?

Five Trail whiskey is a blended spirit created with four different liquors, including a Colorado single malt

Tiney Ricciardi
The Denver Post
Molson Coors Beverage Company released its first spirit, a whiskey, in September. Five Trail whiskey is a blend of four spirits, including a Colorado single malt made form Coors’ own barley, a wheated bourbon, a four-grain bourbon and a 13-year-old bourbon.
Tiney Ricciardi/The Denver Post

The first time David Coors suggested to his father that their beverage company make a whiskey, the elder Coors scoffed at the thought.

“He goes, ‘We’re good at making one thing, and that’s beer,'” said Coors, now part of the fifth generation to work in the family business at Molson Coors Beverage Co. “I said ‘OK, yes sir,’ and end of discussion.”

But that was not the end of David Coors’ daydream. In September, his idea came to fruition when the newly established Coors Whiskey Co. debuted Five Trail whiskey, the first spirit ever released by the beverage giant.

That the liquor bears the Coors name makes it a sure target for skeptics. Coors said his team thought diligently about where to put that oh-so-famous brand on the bottle and how prominently. Ultimately, designers landed on featuring it at the top of the label above the Five Trail moniker and a black-and-white image of a snow-dusted Maroon Bells.

“We wanted people to be intrigued by that and we know there’s an affinity, with some research, that consumers are open to a spirit or a whiskey from a brewer,” Coors said. “So we knew that having it on there wouldn’t be a negative. But also Coors Light and Coors Banquet are known as more of your mainstream premium light and regular lagers and then coming out with a $60 bottle of whiskey? What does that mean?”

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