Couple’s Gift Box by locally-sourced CBD company, Harvey’s All Naturals, brings the love this Valentine’s Day |

Couple’s Gift Box by locally-sourced CBD company, Harvey’s All Naturals, brings the love this Valentine’s Day

That special someone in your life — even if it’s not necessarily a significant other, loving yourself is important too — of course deserves only the kindest, most thoughtful gifts. That’s what Harvey’s All Naturals is hoping to provide this Valentine’s Day.

The new CBD Couple’s Gift Box, available online at only, is designed for a loving date night in, especially in a time where traditional plans for many couples on Sunday, Feb. 14 won’t include romantic candlelit dinners out at the valley’s finest restaurants. But Harvey Craig, founder and CEO of the company, is hoping to provide an alternative, locally-focused pathway to loving each other with the couple’s gift box.

Harvey Craig, founder and CEO of Harvey's All Naturals, created the company in 2015 to provide a holistic, full-body focused treatment for pain, stress, anxiety and more.
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“I feel it’s a way to express to your partner, ‘Hey, you know, I care about your health. I want you to be here with me for the rest of our lives in a healthy manner,’” Craig said.

Harvey’s All Naturals’ main farm is in the San Luis Valley, and Craig has lived in the Vail Valley for three decades. Focusing on locally-grown product and crafting a wholesome, sustainable product is one of the brand’s biggest mantras.

“We don’t put any extra fillers, preservatives, anything like that,” Craig said. “It’s like foods. If you’re getting good, local foods from quality farmers that give it love, that nutrition value is going to be way higher.”

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The gift box, $75, contains 500 mg of the Premium CBD Elixir, which normally retails for $65; 125 mg of the Mini CBD Healing Salve, an essential oil blend soy wax candle, two mini heart-shaped lollipops, a 40% off plus free shipping coupon and Harvey’s stickers.

The CBD component is one that Craig became passionate about after several of his friends were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. After moving to the valley in 1991, Craig used his agricultural background to help them on the marijuana side of the business. When CBD and hemp became federally legalized in 2018, Craig pivoted.

“I felt this was a very important thing to move forward with, and I dropped everything I was doing to focus on it,” he said.

The Couple's Gift Boxes cost $75 and contain a selection of Harvey's products, as well as lollipops, a coupon and stickers.
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Working in the industry — especially noting his friends with Parkinson’s or people with arthritis, for example — he sees doctors prescribing medication to treat the issue, which can provide relief to the patient. But the medication can have side effects, can be harmful to other areas of the body and tend to focus on short-term treatment rather than long-term health.

But using CBD, he noticed, has a more wide-reaching effect on bodily function. It can help the anti-inflammatory system and boost the endocannabinoid system, which helps the body communicate internally. He sees it as a natural supplement that, paired with a good diet and sufficient exercise, can help the body return to its natural resting state, or homeostasis.

“We’re helping the whole body rather than just focusing on one thing,” he said. “I understood that this is such a better way, and natural way, to help people heal, and help people with the quality of life, especially as we get older.”

And his customers have noticed the positive effects.

“The feedback that I get from so many people is just basically saying thank you,” Craig said.

Individual products from Harvey’s All Naturals are available at local retailers. Harvey’s also has several other gift box varieties, including one for pets, golfers and general wellness. For more information, visit

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