Davidor Vail jewelry store opens in Vail Village

Jewelry designer David Gusky has deep ties to Vail

Davidor Vail is open on Gore Creek Drive in Vail Village.
Kimberly Gavin/Courtesy photo

You can find numerous jewelry brands in Vail but you’d be hard-pressed to find one with such deep connections to the valley as Davidor Vail. The designer has been coming here since he was two years old.

“I have been traveling to Vail my whole life with my family so it’s like a home away from home,” said David Gusky, the creative mind behind the brand that bears a version of his name. Davidor is a nickname Gusky had as a child.

“Davidor is the imaginative and creative version of myself and that name always made me dream and that dream eventually led to me developing a luxury brand in Paris,” Gusky said.

Gusky studied business at Babson College in Boston but was always passionate about design. His family was in the manufacturing and distribution side of the jewelry business.

“I knew the industry and began designing and decided to create the brand and to create a unique aesthetic and identity of our own and that’s when Davidor began,” Gusky said.

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That unique aesthetic is the Davidor Arch. This architecturally inspired design can be seen on rings, bracelets, charms, cuff links and more.

Davidor is known for the arch shape used in its design. Shown here is the L’Arc de Davidor ring in 18k rose gold with aubergine lacquered ceramic and palais diamonds
Davidor Vail/Courtesy photo

“I was heavily inspired by European architecture, both French and Italian and specifically Palladian architecture from Northern Italy,” Gusky said. The arch also has a symbolic meaning.

“When you look through the arch, what do you see? What stories does it tell?” Gusky said.

In 2013, Gusky traveled to Paris to start the brand, selling to Parisians in late 2015. All of Davidor’s pieces are manufactured by hand in Paris in 18-karat gold with lacquered ceramic.

Davidor is hallmarked as Joaillerie de France which means every piece is certified hand-made in France and this label is awarded to companies that respect strict specifications.

“The men and women we work with in the atelier craft each piece by hand, so every piece is made by an individual and the level of quality is something that we can be proud of,” Gusky said.

Each piece, like this L’Arc de Davidor done in 18k rose gold with Davidor Bordeaux-lacquered ceramic and palais diamonds is handcrafted in Paris.
Davidor Vail/Courtesy photo

They have 16 unique colors of ceramic that are featured in 18-karat rose, yellow and white gold with multiple patterns and diamonds, but their most recognizable is the arch pattern.

“We even have the arch patented in diamond and gemstones as a shape and a cut so that is unique as a brand,” Gusky said. Also unique to the brand are the dynamic colors used.

“We use the colors to help tell the story when you are looking through the arch. For example, we have a shade of blue called Riviera which is inspired by Côte d’ Azur or a mint green that is a beautiful pastel and we call that Palm Beach so each one has kind of its own reference point and it becomes its own story and that is really what we are known for,” Gusky said.

Gusky has ties to Florida and opened the first and main U.S. flagship store at Bal Harbour Shops in Miami. He started selling Davidor in the U.S. in 2017. He says Vail is a great fit and there is a lot of crossover between his Miami and Vail clientele.

David Gusky started Davidor in 2013 in Paris and has its U.S. Flagship store in Miami, but decided to open a store in Vail Village because of his deep ties here.
Davidor Vail/Courtesy photo

“It is similar in the sense that it’s also its own version of a resort and people relax and are enjoying what they are doing, whether it is skiing or shopping so I felt like it was a natural progression,” Gusky said. “I chose to come here because I love Vail, I have a belief in the customer and I had two great people ready to open and operate a store for us locally.”

Gusky tapped the expertise of Denise Calvin and Jeannine Anders, who have both been working in the jewelry business in Vail and bring over 40 years of combined experience.

“We are so thrilled to be working with a family-run business where we are able to work very closely with the designer,” Jeannine Anders said.

“The hardest part in running a business today is people, so to have Denise and Jeannine is the exciting part,” Gusky said.

Davidor Vail is open in Vail Village on Gore Creek Drive.

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