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Did you know Ziggy Marley is behind the ‘Arthur’ theme song?

See him perform at Avon's Salute to the USA

Ziggy Marley is one of many musicians coming to the Vail Valley this summer, performing a free show at Avon’s Salute to the USA on Wednesday, July 3. Many people, thanks to the last name, know Ziggy as a son of legendary reggae musician Bob Marley. But did you know …

“Believe in Yourself,” the “Arthur” theme song many people grew up singing, was performed by Ziggy Marley.

A Reddit thread about a year old covers the range of emotions:

Ziggy Marley, a multiple Grammy Award winner, will perform at Avon’s annual Salute to the USA celebration July 3.
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“Just another reason why Arthur was the ultimate best show – had the most jammin theme song,” wrote one Reddit user.

“Why did I never know this was Ziggy. Its like I am singing along to a whole new song now,” another wrote.

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“This is actually really interesting. I’ve been listening to a lot of reggae recently and if you didn’t know this was a children’s show theme song it would just sound like another reggae track. Positivity and good vibes,” another Reddit user wrote.

Whether you knew Ziggy Marley was behind the “Arthur” theme song or not, it’s always a wonderful kind of day when you hear the “Arthur” theme song.

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