Discover handcrafted mixers with Lost Identity Beverage Co. |

Discover handcrafted mixers with Lost Identity Beverage Co.

Elevate your cocktails with these tonics and shrubs

Discover your next drink adventure with Lost Identity Beverage Company.

Lost Identity Beverage Co. was created on the principles of making products with whole, all-natural ingredients in small batch quantities. Founders and business partners Ryan Souto and Nate Michlitsch came up with this idea in 2015 when they were working at separate restaurants. Michlitsch was at Restaurant Kelly Liken and Souto was at the Wolcott Yacht Club.

“We were both really involved with the bar programs at our respective restaurants where we developed some of the initial versions of our now flagship products,” Souto said. After seeing how popular the concoctions were with the guests they decided in early 2016 to explore the possibilities of developing their recipes into a craft beverage brand.

Lost Identity Beverage Co. had three flagship products: Ginger-Lime “Mule” shrub, Citrus Tonic, and Floral Tonic. The main focus is to introduce those products to a larger market.

Souto says the best part of starting Lost Identity nearly four years ago has been the response.

“One of the first events we ever participated in was Telluride Bluegrass back in June of 2016. We provided kegs of our product to the in-venue bar and our product sold out before the event came to an end,” Souto said.

Every year since, they have brought more product each year and it still sells out before the weekend is over. “It seems that once we get the products in front of the consumer they can’t get enough,” Souto said.

Lost Identity Beverage Co. is nearing the completion of its new production facility in Gypsum where the focus will be on canning products in a ready-to-drink carbonated format. “We are partnering with local spirits distillery 39 North in Eagle to launch a line of premium canned cocktail products,” Souto said.

Look for those products to hit the shelves by the end of the year. In the meantime, try their tonics and shrubs, which are sold from Aspen to the Front Range. To learn more, visit

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