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Eagle Climbing + Fitness fosters inclusivity with monthly Queer Climbing Night

By Julie Bielenberg
Special to the Daily

Pandemic struck nearly a year into Larry Moore’s gym, Eagle Climbing + Fitness, but that didn’t stop his dream of being an all-inclusive, world class, climbing gym.

Now, the climbing gym that also offers a well-rounded fitness membership is fostering another kind of inclusivity. The new Queer Climbing Nights, from 5 to 7 p.m. on the last Sunday of each month hopes to bring the community together for some connection and activity.

“I wanted to promote additional inclusion and diversity within our sport. We need to be true to our motto, building strength in our community,” Moore said. “We had eight climbers on our first night.”

Liz Dilley participated in the first Queer Climbing Night at Eagle Climbing + Fitness, which took place in January.
Special to the Daily

Moore was forced to shut down the climbing gym for the pandemic last spring, but knew as early as May 2020 that his passion wouldn’t be deterred by one of the hardest challenges he had faced, both in life and cliffside.

“I helped the State establish the COVID protocols for climbing gyms across Colorado. We were the first climbing gym to be able to reopen, and that was momentous,” said Moore of his 10,500-square-foot facility.

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Slowly, throughout late spring and summer, Moore was able to add more intricate programming into the gym’s schedule with the new parameters and restrictions. Youth programs and adult free climbing were the bread and butter of the operation, but Moore was determined there were other needs not being met in the realm of climbing and diversity.

He first anchored hopes in happy hour pricing. On Fridays and Saturdays, a two-hour climbing session and equipment rental is hal-price, $15 instead of $30. Next, he solidified his edge in children’s programming. Each weekend, a family of four can climb for two hours with gear rental included for $75. He packed his schedule with activities and camps for school children on all breaks from Eagle County schools.

Now, he’s hoping to extend that same dedication to other groups in the community.

“It’s for all abilities and an opportunity for individuals to engage within their community, feel welcome, and have a safe place to gather. If we could get a group of 10 to 12 for this Sunday’s LGBTQ evening, it would be lovely for a new event.”

Moore’s commitment to fostering a culture of diversity at Eagle Climbing + Fitness hopes to expand beyond the current offering for the LGBTQ community and provide a safe, fun space for other minorities as well.

“There is certainly a need for more climbing communities to feel included. I would love to create nights for climbers of color for the Latinx, black and immigrant communities here in the valley,” Moore said. “A place where they can freely interact with both their community and a new community who share a love of a common sport.”

For more information, visit eagleclimbing.com.

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