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Eagle woman connecting people with loved ones who have passed

Kristin Anderson
Special to the Daily
Medium and intuitive healer Becky Hesseltine, left, leads a blessing with client Ashley (Martin) Russell on April 12 at Hesseltine’s office in Eagle.
Kristin Anderson | Special to the Daily

Have you ever felt like there might be another presence nearby; a presence you can feel but cannot see? As a child and throughout her life, Becky Hesseltine, of Eagle, often felt this. She explains it as “feeling like there’s more in the room than is perceived.”

This feeling often scared Hesseltine. She didn’t know what to make of it until she learned to embrace it as a healing gift. Learning to embrace it took her decades of discovery and loss.

Hesseltine was with her dad when he died a couple of years ago. She describes witnessing his death as “magical, beautiful and spiritual.” Her dad was on life support and during his last day alive was waiting for Hesseltine to be by his side. Hesseltine said she was asked to let the nurse know when it was time to disconnect the ventilator. Not wanting to be the one in control of this request, Hesseltine asked her father to give her a sign to let her know when he was ready. Minutes after, he died on his own.

“I felt a beautiful connection to him and I knew it was divine intervention and that I witnessed a miracle,” Hesseltine said.

Hesseltine became depressed after his death. Through her struggle with grief and sadness, she decided to live life to the fullest. For Hesseltine, this meant taking good care of herself physically and mentally. She quit her jobs to be with her kids and commit to her yoga practice.

This shift in her life also caused her to become very sensitive to the spirit world. When her sensitivities became more intense, like they had been during her childhood, Hesseltine began to again feel afraid of the unknown. She started to do a lot of inner work, and through support, eventually was no longer afraid.

Hesseltine found support locally with spiritual guidance instructor Cherlynn Felton. During classes with Felton, Hesseltine had many profound discoveries that what she was feeling and seeing was real.

Hesseltine discovered she is able to connect with spirit people through all of the eight clair senses (spiritual psychic senses). The strongest of the eight senses for her are clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizance (clear knowing) and clairsentience (clear physical feeling). Upon this discovery she felt strongly called to do work as a medium for others. She fine-tuned her skills as a medium at the Arthur Findlay College in London, training with four world-renowned mediums.

“I started sharing with others that I can connect with spirits and give evidence of their loved ones who have passed and tell their messages,” Hesseltine said. “From there people wanted readings. Connecting with loved ones in the spirit world is incredibly healing and powerful for everybody in the room.”

Gypsum resident Ashley (Martin) Russell recently did a reading with Hesseltine. Russell put a lot of trust in working with Hesseltine and felt she could do so because she describes her as “loving, kind, gentle and a beautiful person who makes you feel safe and secure.”

During the reading, Hesseltine was able to connect with a spirit and was able to provide Russell with a specific message only she knew about.

“I instantly knew it was my grandma because she knew about the crown I would help her put on before bed at night,” Russell said.

Russell said Hesseltine had no prior information about her grandma and that nobody else would have known about the specific crown she wore.

Russell said she had been afraid of death and of people she loves dying. Hesseltine taught her they are always with us and are coming to us from a place of love. Russell learned that even if something happens to her family, her kids or her friends, she could still be with them and able to connect with them.

Russell said she felt her grandma’s presence and love during the reading. Russell describes it as “something you have to experience to believe it, and once you do, you want it more and more. It feels great to be able to release fears.” It is also “amazing and one of those things you want for everyone. It makes you feel good and is healing.”

Through her ability to connect with the spirit world, Hesseltine also discovered she could lead healing meditations through guided imagery.

Eagle resident Jamie Salyer has attended a few group meditations and medium sessions with Hesseltine. During a fear releasing meditation, Salyer said she realized she “has had a lot of transitions that can be scary and needed to let go of some fear and it happened in the group meditation.” Salyer says she can see and feel an exciting difference as a result of the fear meditation.

“Becky is so in touch and powerful, so it’s very different doing a meditation with her than it is doing a meditation on your own,” Salyer said.

She also describes Hesseltine as “sweet and authentic.”

During a medium group session led by Hesseltine and other mediums, including Felton, Salyer said the mediums were able to connect with her grandfather. Salyer said the mediums started describing him and said he worked for a railroad company.

“It was funny because he was telling me I needed to take a trip to Ireland,” Salyer said. The medium was able to describe him and said, “yeah, I see him and he’s holding a suitcase and he’s telling you that you have to go.” Unbeknownst to the mediums, Salyer’s grandfather is of Irish descent, and he did work for a railroad company.

Salyer said this experience was really emotional because it was her first time connecting with him in this way since he died 10 years ago. She has not taken the trip yet, but is hoping to in the future.

Now that Hesseltine has worked through her fears of the unknown, she said she is not afraid of the spirit world. She says when she raises her vibrations to connect with a spirit person, and the connection is welcomed, she will receive an image, a knowing and a feeling all at the same time.

“I’ll immediately see a woman, I see her hair, I know it’s a woman and I have a knowing that it’s a mom all in the same moment. Then I’ll get to know what her personality is like,” Hesseltine said.

“She’s a highly gifted medium coming from a place of love and compassion,” Felton said of Hesseltine, “which is essential because being a medium is a healing art and needs to be delivered with love.”

“I’m grateful to embrace all of who I am,” Hesseltine said. “Not everybody is supportive. I think it’s healthy to be skeptical because I was skeptical. How could anybody talk to dead people? When you experience it and when you witness it, there’s no denying it. It’s basically a huge mental leap that is made, but you can’t make it without experiencing it yourself.”

If you are interested in connecting with Hesseltine or attending one of her events, visit her website http://www.beckyhesseltine.com for event and contact information.

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