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Eagle’s ROAM restaurant goes big on flavors

Katie Coakley
Flash-fried artichoke hearts with citrus aioli.
Dominique Taylor/Courtesy photo

Winston Churchill is attributed with saying, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” At ROAM in Eagle, owner and chef Adrienne Sirianni-Cavallario seems to be living by that tenet, creating absolute perfection with menus featuring flavors from around the globe. From Moroccan to Mediterranean, ROAM’s menu is highly curated, presenting only the freshest and most creative tastes that truly illustrate the cuisine of that particular region. But as with many international romances, don’t get too attached: Sirianni-Cavallario changes the menus monthly, following her palate to new regions and flavors.

“I try to have a good balance of uniqueness and understandability,” Sirianni-Cavallario said. “Sometimes we have these great ideas and then try to put it on a plate and it just falls short. The most important thing is making it understandable, making it taste amazing and unique, all at the same time.”

Most recently, the menu featured cuisine from the Mediterranean region, focusing on herbs and spices that evoke the sunshine and warmth of the region. Flash-fried artichoke hearts are delicate and crispy, complemented by a silky smooth and tangy citrus aioli. Pork ribs are rubbed with fennel and drizzled with a lemon herb oil; even the desserts get into the game with a bergamot smoke-infused tiramisu.

The ROAM dining room is a cozy, modern setting that matches the variety of the menu.
Dominique Taylor/Courtesy photo

Though the menu at ROAM may highlight a region or a cuisine, sometimes Sirianni-Cavallario will focus on an ingredient, like the humble pepper. With 4,000 varieties of peppers in the world, this allowed her to create a diverse and eclectic offering, ranging from shrimp-stuffed peppers and moqueca, a Brazilian seafood soup, to muhammara, a pureed bell pepper spread from Syria.

“I try to have a good balance of uniqueness and understandability.” Adrienne Sirianni-Cavallario, chef and owner

“I’m surprised by my guests all the time,” Sirianni-Cavallario said with a laugh. “I wasn’t quite sure that people would (order) a venison meatloaf with a Cumberland sauce…and I sold out of it every time I put it on the menu. It’s really unique and different…but it’s in a format that everybody loves and it’s comfort food.”

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Bergamot smoke-infused tiramisu.
Dominique Taylor/Courtesy photo

Sirianni-Cavallario enjoys cooking from all areas of the globe. She’s innovative with both her flavors and her setup: She’s operating from the kitchen of her food truck, the Roaming Gourmet. And though she has considered expanding the current space, she’s happy at the moment: “It’s a really beautiful kitchen and a beautiful place to cook,” she said.

Organic Lamb Meatballs with port demi glace, whipped red-skinned and ricotta potatoes.
Dominique Taylor/Courtesy photo

Guests certainly aren’t complaining: The dining area fills up quickly (reservations are highly recommended) and is modern yet cozy. And the bar is perfect for a cocktail (try the NOMAD) and a nibble. For a bit more romance, book the outdoor snow globe: It’s an intimate option for exploring ROAM’s menu pour le moment. 



139 Broadway Street Unit E (entrance on 2nd Street), Eagle


970-328-4696 http://www.roamateagle.com


Tapas start at $8;
entrees start at $26

Cozy, modern restaurant
with warm service

Signature dish
The frequently changing menus make it more of a signature style: unique-yet-approachable cuisine

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