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Eats at the Amp

Enjoy dinner and a show with the varied menu at the Ford Amphitheater

People ask me all the time if they can get something to eat at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, and the answer is a resounding “yes.” The menu at the amphitheater is varied, convenient and delicious. 

Although many like to bring picnics and elaborate spreads to the iconic venue, if you don’t have time to buy and make all the fixings for a picnic but still want to feed the family, never fear, great food is here.

Hunter Smith, chef and owner of Big Delicious Catering and executive chef at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, has done a fantastic job of creating menu items this summer that are local, seasonal, fresh, light and not messy.

“I’ve come up with dishes that are crowd pleasers and easy to eat when you are sitting in the seats or on the lawn. You don’t want to spill it all over yourself,” Smith said.

Try the Angus carne asada street tacos with cotija cheese, salsa roja, fresh pico and lime. Or try the Moroccan chicken pita with citrus hummus, feta cheese and arugula and tzatziki sauce. 

The response to the new menu has been positive, and a few items like the burger, brat and hot dog remain. Smith has elevated each dish, however. The burger now features regional beef on a brioche bun. The brats and hot dogs come from Polidori Sausage in Denver and are served on an Amaroso’s roll. 

“(Amaroso’s rolls are) the same type of roll they use in Philadelphia for Philly cheesesteaks,” Smith said.

Charcuterie plates change regularly. You can find anything from soppressata, capocollo or calabrese salami for the meat choices and the cheese selection varies including manchego, asiago, gouda, havarti and more. Candied almonds and chocolate truffles are included to sweeten things up. 

Wash these great eats down with a bevy of beverage choices at the Ford Amphitheater. Here, it’s not just red, white and rosé — look for the latest beers and craft cocktails in a can as well as frozen margaritas and a frosé rosés from the slushy machine.

“We have a diverse clientele that comes to events like Bravo! Vail, the Vail Dance Festival, Hot Summer Nights and Whistle Pig concerts, so I like to have options for everybody while keeping it modern, fresh, light and affordable,” said Sean McRee, beverage director for the Ford Amphitheater. “It’s more than a concession stand, and the public notices.”

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