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Energetic 12-piece returns for free jazz show at the Riverwalk

Daily staff report
Quemando has previously played shows with Vail Jazz, and guests have enjoyed their vibrant blend of Latin and popular music.
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Hailing from Boulder, Quemando Salsa is famous for igniting parties. With a fast and fiery horn section, multiple percussion players, sultry vocalists and lots of hip-shaking all around, it’s pretty much impossible to stay planted on the lawn when this 12-piece band rattles the stage.

After all, in Spanish, “Quemando” translates to “burning;” from Portuguese, it translates to “scorching.” One thing that’s certain is that this salsa-blazing crew is bound to once again light up Vail Jazz @ Riverwalk tonight.

By popular demand, Quemando returns for the free outdoor show, dishing out surprising tunes ranging from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra, Gloria Estefan to Celia Cruz. It might be a classic salsa or Latin jazz number. You never quite know what’s coming next until they unleash each tune with blazing flourish and harmonic trills from every band member and corner of the stage.

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