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Enrollment open for Bravo! Vail piano program now through Aug. 26

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Enrollment for the Bravo! Vail After-School Piano Program, now in its seventh year, runs through Aug. 26.
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How to enroll

The Bravo! Vail After-School Piano Program application deadline is Friday, Aug. 26. Applications are available at bravovail.org/piano and at local libraries and family-friendly activity centers throughout the valley. Contact Keelin Davis with questions at 970-827-4302 or kdavis@bravovail.org.

Benefits of piano lessons

• Concentration: Reading music requires total concentration. While playing the piano, the student must concentrate on reading two lines of music, while using 10 fingers, both ears and one foot. Learning to play the piano allows a child to exercise all of these skills in a constructive manner.

• Hand-eye coordination: Children who take piano lessons often perform better in sports because reading music develops hand-eye coordination.

• Discipline: Through weekly piano lessons, consistent practice and performance, students graduate to a higher level of self-discipline.

• Creativity: Music inspires creative thinking and encourages children to explore their imaginations.

• Memory development: Memorizing music involves visual, aural, analytical and kinesthetic (muscle) memory.

• Self-confidence: Performing on the piano in front of a teacher, a family member, other students or an audience instills confidence and helps a child to overcome shyness.

• Sociability: Piano lessons encourage a child to reach out toward new friendships by sharing a mutual interest in piano or performing the piano in front of peers. Piano lessons help children to gain the confidence needed to grasp opportunities for social interactions.

• Improved study habits: Playing the piano is a step-by-step process that teaches a child to set goals and how to accomplish them.

• Lifelong skill: Once a student learns to simultaneously read music and play the piano, he or she may carry this skill and derive great enjoyment from it for life.

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VAIL — Bravo! Vail’s After-School Piano Program kicks off its 2016-17 enrollment today, and it runs through Aug. 26. The program takes place at eight locations throughout Eagle and Lake counties.

The After-School Piano Program offers children in first- through eighth-grades the opportunity to learn fundamental musical concepts and basic music reading skills. The weekly, 45-minute sessions take place after school from September through May. Class sizes are kept small to ensure individualized attention for each student, and accomplished piano teachers under the direction of Keelin Davis, Bravo! Vail education and community engagement coordinator, teach the lessons.

“Bravo! Vail is committed to continually growing its music-education programs to best fit the needs of Vail Valley students,” said Jennifer Teisinger, executive director of Bravo! Vail. “The 2016-2017 Piano Program kicks off in September with extended class times and a redesigned curriculum to best meet each student’s ability.”

Appreciate the Arts

Bravo! Vail is dedicated to enriching people’s lives through the power of music by not only producing the annual summer festival, but also fostering music education and promoting a lifelong appreciation of the arts through the After-School Piano Program.

The Piano Program is available to all interested students with a $125 fee for 30 classes. Through the efforts of Bravo! Vail and donors, scholarships are available on an as-needed basis. The Piano Program has become Bravo! Vail’s flagship education program during the academic year.

The Piano Program, now in its seventh year, has grown exponentially since its inception and now serves around 120 students throughout the year while providing scholarship support and instrument loans to around 45 percent of attendees.

“Thank you to the Vail community for its support of Bravo! Vail’s education programs, which has inspired this growth,” Teisinger said.

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