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Fat Tire by New Belgium replaces Pacifico as the Burton US Open beer sponsor

Fat Tire, New Belgium's signature beer, is sponsoring the Burton US Open.
Casey Russell | crussell@vaildaily.com

The Burton U.S. Open has plenty of food and snacks to go around. But one thing that’s different this year is the beer sponsor.

For several years running, the US Open had been working with Pacifico to provide beer. New this year, New Belgium’s Fat Tire brand is sponsoring the event.

Two reasons this is interesting: one, people like New Belgium’s most recognizable brew better than Modelo’s easy-drinking Mexican-inspired American lager. On the beer rating social media app Untappd, Pacifico Clara has a rating of 3.13 out of 5, and Fat Tire snags 3.58 out of 5.


Fat Tire also has the history to back up its well-loved taste. Inspired by a 1988 bike trip through Belgium, New Belgium founders Kim Jordan and Jeff Lebesch were inspired to bring European flavors back to Fort Collins. Fat Tire was born, and became one of New Belgium’s first and flagship ales.

So, the sponsorship switch is good news for beer enthusiasts.

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Second, New Belgium recently sold to Japanese beverage company Kirin, ending its 29 year stay as one of America’s most recognizable craft brewers. This isn’t exactly a new thing in the craft beer world, but it’s starting to hit Colorado. Chicago brewer Goose Island sold to Anheuser-Busch – the brewers of Budweiser and Bud Light – in 2011.

So the sale means that New Belgium and Fat Tire will be able to tap into bigger markets like Goose Island has. Additionally, since Kirin is a Japanese company, they’ll be able to expand distribution to international markets.

Apparently, the Burton US Open is one of those bigger, better markets.

Plus, it’s nice to have a Colorado brewer, even if it’s no longer 100% Centennial State, sponsoring one of Vail’s most iconic events.

Check out drink and food specials at the base of the slopestyle area, the base of halfpipe, Golden Peak Lodge and Larkspur. There will also be goodies for purchase at the concerts and closing party, but be sure to bring cash, because all of these spots are cash-only. Download the Burton US Open app to view maps of where food and drink can be purchased at the event.

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