Find your friends and navigate Vail Mountain with Snow Mappy |

Find your friends and navigate Vail Mountain with Snow Mappy

New mobile app helps you connect with family and friends

Find. Navigate. Interact.

Those are the goals behind Snow Mappy, a new mobile app that helps snow enthusiasts navigate the slopes while connecting with family and friends. Instead of texting and calling to see where your group is, see where they are going in real time and meet them.

Snow Mappy uses powerful geospatial technology that gives users an interactive 3D and 2D platform for turn-by-turn navigation and a way to stay connected with family and friends. Here’s how it works:


Create groups and locate your family and friends on the mountain in real-time.

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“A core function of Snow Mappy is that it allows people to create multiple groups that they can stay in touch with. For example, a family group, a co-worker group and a friend group,” said Karyn Nolan, CEO and co-founder of Mappy, LLC.

“Everyone downloads the iOS app and then a crew leader shares a code to connect the group. People can be part of multiple groups simultaneously. When at the resort, you will be able to see if members of your groups are currently there and where they are,” Nolan said.

Create groups and locate your family and friends (crew) on the mountain in real time. (Graphic courtesy of Mappy
Special to the Daily)


Indicate your skill level and Snow Mappy will plan your route and navigate the mountain with turn-by-turn directions. In addition to runs and lifts, find resort amenities like restaurants and restrooms on the hill.

“Snow Mappy began as a response to losing family members on the mountain and making sure we did not end up on runs that are too difficult to get down,” Nolan said. “Many skiers find themselves in dangerous situations inadvertently, and it is often difficult to find injured skiers since people often think they are in a different place than they actually are.”

Snow Mappy is perfect for anyone that needs to see where they are on the mountain, especially when they are not near a trail sign. Snow Mappy also gives route planning ideas tailored to the user’s skill level.


Toggle between 2D and 3D views for a unique user experience with zoom, pan, rotate, and tilt.

“Users really like the 3D view of the slopes and being able to identify runs, lifts, and their location on the mountain,” Nolan said.

Snow Mappy has a companion app called Mountain Mappy that will be available for summertime use at the same resorts as Snow Mappy. Use the same features for navigating hiking and biking trails and staying in touch with family and friends. (Graphic courtesy of Mappy
Special to the Daily)

What about privacy?

“Any data that the app acquires is anonymized and no personal information is required to use the basic features of Mappy, just a username,” Nolan said. While location tracking is necessary to get the best Snow Mappy experience, a geofence is used so that locations are only tracked while you are at the resort. You can go off the grid and stop tracking and sharing your location at any time.

Snow Mappy is making its debut at Vail, Sundance, Deer Valley, Mount Bachelor and Mammoth this winter with plans to expand to most major resorts in the U.S. and Canada next ski season.

Snow Mappy is available for free on the Apple App Store. An Android app is planned for Winter 2021-22. Learn more at

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