First Friday Student Art Exhibit in Minturn |

First Friday Student Art Exhibit in Minturn

Chris Sena
Special to the Daily
VVAG’s First Friday exhibit offers students the opportunity to show their work in a gallery.
Special to the Daily

The Vail Valley Art Guild will be hosting an exhibit this month supporting the work of Eagle County School District gifted and talented art students. The exhibit will be held at the Minturn Gallery, graciously provided by the Minturn Community Fund, at 291 Main Street this Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

In 2020 ECSD felt that it was time to recognize middle and high school students who have shown exceptional artistic skills and creative abilities. They created the Gifted and Talented Visual Arts student program and put together a panel of art teachers and community members to help identify qualifying students. 16 exceptional artists were identified and offered the opportunity to participate. The students will be a part of the program until they graduate high school and will be offered a multitude of opportunities to learn and improve their artistic abilities.

VVAG wanted to offer the students the opportunity to exhibit their work in a gallery and gain some experience of what is involved in curating and hanging an art exhibition. VVAG feels that it’s so important to encourage young artists and to show them that hard work can lead to great things.

VVAG’s First Friday will be held at the Minturn Gallery.
Special to the Daily

Children in our community do not have easily accessible exposure to arts and culture and this program provides these gifted artists a professional venue to display their work and learn from experiences on how to think creatively and express themselves through visual art. This effort is part of the VVAG’s annual ArtReach community arts outreach program. VVAG hopes that you can make it to the First Friday Exhibit and support these talented artists of tomorrow.


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