Food blogger followed by millions coming to The Bookworm on Nov. 14 |

Food blogger followed by millions coming to The Bookworm on Nov. 14

Tieghan Gerard runs the Half Baked Harvest blog, featuring a hearty mix of savory, sweet and healthy recipes — with a good amount of chocolate. Gerard will be leading a food demo at The Bookworm of Edwards on Tuesday, Nov. 14.
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What: Half Baked Harvest with Tieghan Gerard.

When: Tuesday, Nov. 14, 6 p.m.

Where: The Bookworm of Edwards.

Cost: $30; includes a tasting dinner.

More information: Call 970-926-READ, or visit

Tieghan Gerard brings mountain cuisine to the masses in her new cookbook, “Half Baked Harvest.” A mouth-watering collection of photos and recipes is designed for experienced and beginner home cooks with a palate for comfort food with a healthy twist.

Gerard hosts a tasting dinner and book signing on Tuesday night, Nov. 14, at The Bookworm of Edwards.

Gerard, a resident of Silverthorne, brings a world of food home — allowing chefs to explore and have fun in the kitchen. The book combines cuisines, flavors, dietary restrictions and twists on old favorites.

Carefree in the Kitchen

Gerard’s early career in cooking began at 15 when she stepped in to help cook for her parents, five brothers and sister. As her mother was pregnant, her father took over dinners.

“Dad’s usual hour of arrival home wasn’t until 7:30 or 8,” she remembers. “Even on school nights we wouldn’t eat until almost 9.”

From there, Gerard decided to cook for her family and help her dad get food on the table at an earlier hour. It was out of necessity — at first.

“What I soon came to realize is that I really had a lot of fun cooking,” writes Gerard. “I was very much a rule-following kid, but in cooking, I was more carefree and creative.”

Her early creations came out of items around the house and making it work. With time she started to discover new combinations and new fun family-pleasing recipes.

“I loved searching for recipes, going to the store and picking out ingredients, and probably, most important, I loved having control over something,” said the chef, whose food blog, is now followed by millions of people.

Looking back on the family that shaped her love of cooking, Gerard pays tribute.

“If there’s one thing my dad taught me about cooking, it’s that pretty much anything can be saved with a giant pile of cheese and a handful of fresh basil.”

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