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8100 Mountainside Bar & Grill

8100 Seafood Tower with a whole lobster, king crab, oysters, shrimp and a crab cocktail.

50 west thomas place | park hyatt beaver creek
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The question on chef Christian Apetz’s mind hasn’t been where’s the beef, but where’s the beef industry headed, and what’s out there for consumers to try.

After engaging in an extensive search of the various types of cattle on the market today, Apetz decided that this year at 8100 Mountainside Bar & Grill, he wanted to offer beef lovers the variety of what’s available and let them decide for themselves what is best.

“We went on a venture to figure out what truly is the best tasting beef out there,” Apetz says.

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New for this year, the Chef’s Cattle Tasting puts 5-ounce New York Strip cuts of several different forms of beef in front of the guest for a side-by-side comparison. You get to try a grass-fed Angus from Argentina, a Mishima Reserve Wagyu from Colorado and a grain-finished Holstein out of Nebraska, three of the best forms of cattle available today.

“It’s an exploratory dish for steak lovers,” Apetz says. “We really had to do our homework to get this on the menu.”

After figuring out which beef you like best on your first visit to 8100 this season, you can get that steak hand cut to order on your next visit, which is also a new twist for this winter from 8100.

“You pick the size, you pick the style, and our butchers are going to cut it to your liking and specifications,” Apetz says.

With all that exploration and discovery, you may assume that the steak will be the most memorable element of your first trip to 8100 this year. But that’s probably not going to be the case, says Apetz.

“We just rolled out, literally, a pastry-shop trolley this year, which has been wildly popular,” he says.

Apetz’s daughters got the first glimpse of the trolley. They couldn’t stop thinking about the white chocolate snowman, complete with Oreo cookie top hat. But that’s just one of the scores of dessert bits that will roll through the dining room during your visit. The trolley was a nice touch from 8100’s new pastry chef, local legend Amy Andrews, formerly of Sweet Basil.

“People love the trolley for its impulsive quality,” Apetz says. “When it rolls by you, you just want to reach out and grab a little treat from it. People were talking about it and taking pictures of it on its very first trip through the dining room, it just makes for a memorable experience for the whole family.” 

Sides, Snacks & apps: $6-$23
Entrées: $17-$40

Mountainside bistro meets neighborhood grill
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Chef’s cattle tasting: Colorado Wagyu, Argentinian grass-fed Angus, Nebraska grain-finished Holstein

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