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Mirabelle’s greenhouse-to-table cuisine wows Beaver Creek guests

Melanie Smith
EAT Magazine

Maybe it’s Mirabelle’s ambiance that is so successful at welcoming guests in to relax and feel at home. After all, the dining room is actually set in a historic farmhouse — one of the oldest in the Vail Valley, in fact. Or it could be the knowledge that many of the micro greens, salad greens and other fresh ingredients are grown on-site in the greenhouse directly behind the restaurant. It could be the attentive service or the expertise of the staff, mixing the perfect balance of approachable and professional. Whatever it is, Mirabelle’s got it.

Mirabelle stands out in its reluctance to be smoothly categorized. A fine-dining restaurant without the fuss of valet service, it mixes urban culinary trends and innovative appeal with traditional European technique and true backyard farm-to-table produce. Mirabelle is as a charming, romantic experience that is both timeless and au courant. In the dining room, which is located on the ground floor of Mirabelle’s historic farmhouse, guests are invited to sit back and enjoy the meal experience in its entirety. With an extensive wine list and knowledgeable waitstaff, there’s something for all tastes.

Chef-Owner Daniel Joly and his wife Nathalie have succeeded in establishing and maintaining Mirabelle’s highly revered dining experience at the base of Beaver Creek. The menu celebrates the seasons, offering an array of petite entrees in the summertime — the lobster a la plancha is a must-try, and the halibut with little neck clams, corn and tomatoes is the epitome of the summer months. Each dish highlights the freshest produce of the season simply and magically, drawing out flavors to leave you satisfied but not stuffed.

From the decadent-yet-restrained hot foie gras, with its multi-layered play on textures, to the amazingly fresh edamame-basil ravioli, ginger-laced and brightly flavored, the menu is as creative as it is varied. The care with which the dishes are crafted invites guests to slow down and savor each bite, and the utterly manageable portions encourage the acceptance of dessert. And it’s a good thing too — Chef Joly is not just an expert at all things savory, but a pastry chef as well. Both the Diva Chocolate and raspberry cheesecake desserts are not to be missed. Mirabelle isn’t stuffy or presumptuous; it might be a bit on the classy side for the average date night or dinner out, but if there’s any reason to celebrate, doing so at Mirabelle will make the evening a memorable one indeed.

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